Partnership is the highest form of relationship.


Couples Counseling (two-hour sessions) provide for:

  • Couples who are looking to enhance an already good relationship.
  • Couples who are struggling with ambivalence and/or commitment.
  • Issues specific to jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness.
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Couples seeking more effective strategies and skills for conflict resolution.

Individual Counseling:

  • Provides counseling for your personal well-being and toward improving your experience of intimacy in relationship.
  • Integrating Motherhood and Womenhood:
    • Provide a space to reconnect to your self and honor your self and your body.
    • Offer and opportunity to maintain a balance between the demands placed on you as a partner, mother, daughter and professional.
    • Provides practical tools to help you reestablish intimacy with your partner.

    With Rochelle, there’s never any need to figure out whose side she’s on because she’s simply there to help you to look within for your own truth, rather than pointing the finger and blaming your partner.  She creates a safe space to do the work with honesty and integrity and acts as a trusted guide for working through problems and challenges in your relationship.  You cannot ask for a better ally in that process.  P. Gilbert