Honor the differences.

Partnership Works

What you will learn

Partnership Works provides a unique perspective for creating win-win partnerships. A foundation for generating greater respect, pleasure, trust and safety. Alternative points of view that you may have never included or even considered. Creative problem solving and conflict resolution strategies. The Principles of Partnership have been designed to address: An appreciation for different points of view as meaningful and necessary. The fear of losing your individuality or sense of self in relationship. Embracing the healthy desire to find yourself in partnership. A more joyous integration of your sensual and sexual lives. A recognition of breakdown as an opportunity for growth and renewal. The courage to express and ultimately live in the truth of what you want in partnership.

Partnership Works will facilitate you to have:

  • partnership become the most workable and fulfilling form of relationship;
  • moved beyond the beliefs which limit your capacity for enjoyment and intimacy;
  • skills to enhance the quality and connection of your partnerships, and to communicate what you want to manifest in life;
  • vibrant and engaging partnerships no matter what the circumstances you are facing;
  • compassion and acceptance in dealing with yourself and your partner.
Rochelle has a no-nonsense, straight forward way of working on improving and dealing with the issues of life. She is caring and insightful and I feel so good about working with her that I frequently refer others to her.  N.A.